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Our Certifications

We provide certification and standards that independently verify safety, security and hygiene within multiple business environments and sectors.


Our standards are based on best practice and consistency within each business sector and the local territory where a business is based. 


We develop, monitor and update Certification standards through our team of international experts in safety, security and hygiene across the world.

Safety and Security Certification

Our Safety & Security Certifications include standards relating to:


  • On-site Property Safety & Security Walkthrough

  • Processes, Procedures, Training, Management & Organization

  • Security Systems, Equipment & Maintenance

  • Fire Systems, Equipment & Maintenance

  • Fire Training & Evacuation

  • Crisis Management & Emergency Response

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Our CovidClean™ Certification is based on WHO and CDC guidelines, verified by a leading virologist and includes standards relating to:


  • Plans & Procedures

  • Preventative Actions

  • Training & Awareness

  • Cleaning, Hygiene & Health

  • Business Operations

  • Suspected Cases, Response & Containment

  • Covid Communications

Certification Benefits

Our Certification gives benefit to every business sector owner and operator we work with where safety, security and hygiene is valued.


Benefits include:


  • Increased customer preference, confidence and trust

  • Enhanced due diligence for employee duty of care

  • ROI on existing safety & security investment

  • Reduced number of liability claims and insurance premiums

  • Preference and differentiation produce increased sales & revenue

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