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Martin’s Hotels Belgium

Martin’s Hotels, the family-owned hotels, restaurants, spas and meeting facilities located throughout Belgium, has chosen to have all its properties CovidClean™ certified.

Safehotels CovidClean™ Certification will demonstrate to guests that each Martin’s Hotels property has been independently assessed and verified by Safehotels, one of the world’s most trusted names in Certification.

The Martin’s Hotels group has gone from strength to strength with John C. Martin holding the reins and now boasts 14 hotels, 8 restaurants and 4 spas in 10 different cities.

John Martin - CEO for Martin’s Hotels – said: “Over the years, we’ve built a culture at Martin’s Hotels based on quality and excellence. As part of this culture, we’ve put in place exacting Covid hygiene protocols. CovidClean™ Certification is an independent seal of approval on the measures we’ve introduced for the safety and comfort of our guests.”

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