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The Hotel Banana, business and conference centre in Winterthur, Switzerland ...

The Hotel Banana, business and conference centre in Winterthur, Switzerland, recently achieved Safehotels CovidClean™ certification.

Jérôme Waldbauer, the Hotel Banana’s General Manager, explained why he had chosen Safehotels: “Nowadays, you have to think beyond your own borders. Safehotels has a very good international reputation and people all over the world recognise and trust Safehotels Certification.”

CovidClean™ was recommended to the Hotel Banana by the Swiss Hospitality Collection hotel association. Jérôme was impressed by the Certification’s rigour and simplicity: “The CovidClean™ standards are very high, well thought through and logical. They are at least as demanding, and just as meticulously thought out, as those of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.”

Jérôme continued: “The whole process was uncomplicated and very accurate.” He was pleased that he was able to submit the CovidClean™ assessment in German: “It made the whole procedure easier for us.”

Jerome Waldbauer concluded: “The Safehotels team was very professional - you could tell they knew their business!”

Photo: Nicole Speck and Alexandros Richter from the Hotel Banana’s management team proudly display their CovidClean™ Certification. #CovidClean



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